R & D



Our affiliated R&D institute approved by KOITA(Korea Industrial Technology Association), consisting of researchers specialized in rolling stock
was opened in 2007 to provide the best quality products in the world through developing new and system integration technologies
at the age of unlimited competition. Now it has the world class manufacturing technology as a car builder.

R&D Center

Our R&D institute consist of high ranked engineers to develop new and system integration technologies.

Rolling Stock Engineering

  • Machinery Eng.
  • Carbody Eng.
  • 전기 설계
  • Electrical Eng.
  • Outfit Eng.

Research and Development

  • Development of fundamental
  • Development of applied technologies

Research and Development

01. Development of fundamental

Our R&D institute is in charge of comprehensive engineering job from fundamental engineering to production design to supply the best quality products and provide optimized design through structural analysis and its tests according to international standards.

02. Development of applied technologies

Our R&D institute has proved the excellence of products by acquiring standards and patents related to rolling stock to satisfy homologation requirements. Recently, it is developing diesel railcars and making careless efforts to commercialize our products.