Management Philosophy

Right management

focused on people and technology


An honest and
trustworthy company


A sincere company always
researching and striving


A company that serves
the country and society

code of conduct

Leading by example

- Let's do it all before others do it first.
- Let's follow the basics and principles.
- Let's lead change and innovation.


- Ensure we fulfill our promises.
- Realization of customer satisfaction through thorough quality control.
- Be honest with quality, cost, and time limit for delivery date.
- Adhere to quality principles.

Master mind spirit

- Fostering a sense of community of individuals and companies.
- Take pride in being a representative delegated by the company.
- Active participation with positive thinking

Mutual growth

- Cooperation for a common goal.
- Thinking and acting from the customer's perspective.
- Let's promote mutual development through communication with the customer.

Quality Management

Sung Shin RST has obtained international standards and international quality management system certification in order to provide
the best-quality products for customers, and is delivering excellent quality railroad vehicles to customers through systematic and quality management.


Quality Assurance



International Standards

Acquisition and certification of international standards

ISO 9001 : 2000

ISO 14001

ISO 22163

TUV [EN15085-2]

KOTRA Assurance Brand

G-PASS Company Nomination

A technology innovation company

P300 Project Nomination

Environmental Management


Intangible Effect

-   Establishment of quality system (Establishment of management system)
-   Encouragement of quality MIND of customers and all employees
-   Change of quality awareness and behavior (Recognizing the importance of the company’s internal standards and regulations)
-   Securing external competitiveness (improving trust in products and corporate image)
-   Securing technical and product competitiveness
-   Establishing a customer-oriented thinking system (impressing customers)
-   Putting more time and effort into productive work

Tangible Effects

-   Product defect reduction
-   Reduction in unscheduled rework
-   Reduction in claims occurrence
-   Delivery time reduction
-   Least quality cost (reduction of failure costs)
-   Increase in sales through customer satisfaction
-   Productivity improvement