The enterprise which contributes to the mankind
And society with advanced technologies

A delightful world that moves on railway SUNGSHIN RST is already at your side.

Since its foundation on 20th April, 1990, Sung Shin Rolling Stock Technology Limited has developed as a bogie assembly manufacturer for passenger train set, DMU, EMU and other railway applications. Affectionate advice and suggestions has been the source of our accomplishments and growth ceaselessly.

We, now, are system integrator for railway applications. We manufacture and supply the PASSENGER TRAIN SETS, DIESEL LOCOMOTIVES, and other special purposed vehicle acting as car builder to many railway operators in several countries.

We will concentrate all of our capacity on the development of system integration technology that yields high quality to satisfy international customers’ demands and achieve global competitiveness at the center of revolution at the age of renaissance railway.

We hope you well in prosperous and fortune and expect our mutual advancement. We will do our best to make better tomorrow with creative passions and challenges. Thank you.

SUNG SHIN RST President & CEO   Gye Chul, PARK