Business Introduce

Moving toward the future, we all dream about,
through developing new technology and products

We, Sung Shin RST, possessing the world’s best production technologies for completed railcars from inspection cars to hybrid cars,
have achieved differentiated technologies from other competitors in the process of developing 7 or 8 patented technologies in rolling stock.
Starting in 2005, our future rolling stock technologies like commercialized hybrid motor cars and DMUs etc
by continuous technologies development are the biggest competitiveness.

Passenger Coach

Trains manufactured and operated for the purpose of transporting passengers

Tourist Train

Trains run to see tourist attractions

Diesel Locomotive

A train used to tow a freight Wagon or to…


Self-driving passenger train with diesel engine

Bogie Assembly

Professional manufacturing of welded structure type Bogie Assembly

Freight Wagon

Vehicles used to transport cargo

Special Vehicles

Mainly for track maintenance and repair vehicles

Maintenance Service

Old vehicle improvement or structural change